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Re: Simplify getting instructions in the guide

On 23 December 2010 04:41, Aleksej Saushev <> wrote:
> ÂHello!
> Our guide is hard to comprehend, it is overloaded with useless
> (or close to useless) information and thus is not helpful to
> novice users. I propose to simplify "getting pkgsrc" part as
> in patch attached.

Excellent plan. Small suggestion - I'd probably remove " from scratch" from the
"To fetch a specific pkgsrc stable branch ..." line to match the "To
fetch the pkgsrc current branch ..." line.

> I'd rather drop instructions how to use SUP, or move them to appendix
> for the most curious. Do we have regular SUP users at all?

For !NetBSD most people would need some mechanism which would let them easily
build sup... such as pkgsrc already on their system :)

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