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Why is linked with bare cc, not ${CC}?


In configure script of python, for many platforms, like,
 LDSHARED='${CC} -shared'" ${LDFLAGS}"jjjjj
but for NetBSD and DragonFly
 LDSHARED="cc -shared ${LDFLAGS}"

Why not ${CC} for NetBSD and DragonFly?

"-pthread" flag is added to ${CC}, and is using pthread_create(3).
For NetBSD, -lpthread is added to LIBS, so libpython.os will be linked with 
but not for DragonFly, then, is missing reference to 
python executable is linked with ${CC}, so not broken.
At least, for DragonFly, using ${CC} for ${LDSHARED} resolve PR#42598,
so OK to change for DragonFly if anyone have objection for NetBSD?

OBATA Akio /

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