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Re: Escaping quotes in CFLAGS

 >> > Building print/luatex fails (at least with clang) because of the 
 >> > following definition in Makefile:
 >> > CFLAGS+=        -DLUA_ROOT=\"${PREFIX}/\"
 >> > changing that to
 >> > CFLAGS+=        -DLUA_ROOT='"${PREFIX}/"'
 >> > seems to work but I'm unsure whether this is the right fix.
 >> As PREFIX doesn't contain spaces
 >>   CFLAGS+=        -DLUA_ROOT=${PREFIX}/
 >> whould be enough. For other variables consider using :Q variable modifier.

> No. That doesn't create a macro that is a C string.

You are right, I've not drawn attention to the variable name on the left
side of =.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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