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Re: Moving mk.conf (Was: Making it easier to get and use pkgsrc)

On 12/12/10 9:45 PM, David Brownlee wrote:
- This file to checked for inside PKGSRCDIR, and can be overridden by an
   environment variable. I would prefer an etc or conf directory inside
   PKGSRCDIR rather than continuing to populate the top level directory with
   config files a'la pkgchk.conf etc, but that is probably more because I would
   want to keep my copy under a separate RCS, and thats an awful lot easier
   in a subdir (and I can use a symlink anyway).
I definitely do not want the configuration file within pkgsrc. I do have several pkgsrc trees in my machine (for different reasons) and I want all of them to use the exact same configuration if at all possible. I also want my source trees to remain clean of local changes, and adding a local file (be it checked in or not) breaks this rule (you'll get M or ? from cvs respectively).

That said, I see why one would want to have a pkgsrc.conf file within pkgsrc.

What about going from most specific to most generic, in order:

1) Source pkgsrc.conf from within pkgsrc if it exists; stop if found.
2) Source pkgsrc.conf from PKG_SYSCONFBASE if it exists; stop if found.
3) Source mk.conf if all above fails for compatibility reasons. Spit out a warning in this case about possible future deprecation.

With the above, a user can just create a pkgsrc.conf within pkgsrc if he wants to and he can choose whether he wants to fall back to 2 or not (e.g. depending on whether he does ".include ${PKG_SYSCONFBASE}/pkgsrc.conf" or not).

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