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Making it easier to get and use pkgsrc

It has been suggested that we should make it easier for users to
download and start using pkgsrc.

One area of disagreement is whether we should be providing an easy
command on NetBSD to download the main pkgsrc tarball, such as
DragonFly's make targets in /usr, or if we should always keep the
interface cross platform, so users on NetBSD download the pkgsrc
tarball the same way as any other OS.

One of the 'non NetBSD specific' suggestions was to make the initial
pkgsrc tarball available via a shorter convenience URL such as (which I think is a great idea).

I'd like to suggest we try to make the cross platform experience as
easy as possible, for something NetBSD specific sysinst could
bootstrap the local pkgsrc using that method.

So, some possible areas.

- Make the initial pkgsrc tarball available via a shorter convenience
URL such as

- Provide a 'setup-pkgsrc' shell script which prompts for a couple of
parameters (eg: pkgrsc location, current vs release), *with sane
defaults*. This would download and extract pkgsrc, runs bootstrap if
required, and direct the user to read the README in the extracted
pkgsrc when done. It could display the commands before they would be
executed, helping new users who want to understand *how* more than
just *what* is going on. NetBSD distributions could potentially
include this script.

- Provide PKG_PATH settings so users can pickup binary packages for
their system (setup-pkgsrc could be the route for this, defaulted on,
but able to switch)

- More binary packages (and more kudos for those already working on
providing the existing binary packages), including bootstrap setup for

Some other random *potential* cleanup

- Default to DEPENDS_TARGET=package-install and UPDATE_TARGET=package-install
- Switch from mk.conf to pkgsrc.conf

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