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Re: why unacceptable license condition: ruby-license ?

"Jeremy C. Reed" <> writes:

> Why do I have this a lot?
> ... has an unacceptable license condition:
> ruby-license
> You can mark the license ``license'' as acceptable by adding
> ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+= ruby-license
> to /etc/mk.conf or by adding
> to /etc/pkg_install.conf.
> Okay to add that to DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES and 
> default_acceptable_licenses ?

Perhaps, but not quite.  Two issues, both solvable I think:

1) The key question is whether either the FSF considers the Ruby license
to be Free, or the OSI considers it to be Open Source.  The Ruby license
is GPLv2 or some hard-to-understand obviously-intended-to-be-Freeish
conditions.   So therefore I think it's Free.

2) If we decide that ruby's license meets the pkgsrc definition of Free
or Open Source, then the license file should be moved to ruby from

So if you think my analysis is ok, I think it's ok for you to mv the
license from ruby-license to ruby, update all the files that point to

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