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Eather _en route_ without a word of protest but a genial grumble, which t

R of "Rambles in Normandy," "Rambles in Brittany," "Rambles
on the Riviera," "The Cathedrals of Northern France," "The Cathedrals
of Southern France," "The Cathedrals and
Churches of the Rhine," etc. _With many illustrations from
photographs, decorations, maps and plans_ by Blanche McManus L.C. Page
& Company Boston MDCCCCVII Preface _The general plan of this book is
not original. It tells of some experiences not altogether new, and
observations and
facts that have been noted by other writers; but the author hopes
that, from the viewpoint of an automobilist at least, its novelty will
serve as a recommendation. As a pastime automobile touring is still
new and is not yet

accomplished without some considerable annoyance and friction. The
conventional guides are of little assistance; and the more descriptive
works on travel

fail too often to note the continually changing conditions which
affect the tourist alike by road and rail._ [Illustration:

Hotel Bellevue les Andelys] Contents Part 1 General Information--The
Grand Tour Chapter 1 An Appreciation
Of The Automobile Chapter 2 Travel Talk Chapter 3 Roads And Routes
Chapter 4 Hotels And Things Chapter 5 The Grand
Tour Part 2 Touring In France Chapter 1 Down Through
Tourane: Paris To Bourdeaux Chapter 2 A Little Tour In The Pyrenees
Chapter 3 In Languedoc And
Old Provence Chapter 4 By Rhone And Saone Chapter 5 By Sein

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