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pkg_add -D committed

I've just committed the long-discussed flag to pkg_add to support

  pkg_add -U -D

which updates an installed package from a binary package, but proceeds
anyway even if some depending packages have dependencies which are not
satisfied by the new package.

We had a very useful discussion over the summer, and I think that
resulted in a much clearer understanding of the nature of how make
replace will interact with generally stricter invariant checking.
The summary is:

  all intra-package checks (contents match PLIST, etc.) will be unchanged.

  the inter-package check that all installed packages have their
  dependencies satisfied will be relaxed.  This will apply to both the
  current package-level dependency expression and almost certainly to
  any future shlib-level dependencies.

The new flag is used by make replace in the DESTDIR case, so if any make
replace users have disabled DESTDIR because of this, now would be a good
time to turn it back on.  Many people, especially Joerg, have done a
huge amount of work on DESTDIR, and it does a far better job of making
sure PLISTs match installed packages and that binary packages really are

The code I just committed has had a lot of review, and I'm pretty sure
it won't cause problems, but please email me right away if you have


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