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Update of Ruby packages


I'll start commiting ruby packages update.  Until my commiting
complete, most of ruby packages are temporary broken.

o General

* Ruby's patchlevel N reflect as "plN" instead of ".N" from Ruby 1.9.


* RUBY_BUILD_RDOC and RUBY_BUILD_RI controls build of rdoc/ri.  But,
  currently ruby18-base and ruby19-base according to PKG_OPTION.

o lang/ruby/

* Default PKGNAME will be set to ${RUBY_PKGPREFIX}-${DISTNAME}.
* RUBY_HAS_ARCHLIB is deprecated.

o lang/ruby/

* RUBY_ENCODING_ARG could be specify shbang line's additional option,
  specifying character encoding of scripts.

o Gem

* misc/rubygems/ moved to lang/ruby/
* misc/rubygems and devel/rake install gem/rake command as gem18/rake18
  since ruby19-base install these commands as gem19/rake19.
* GEM_DOCDIR and GEM_LIBDIR has changed to relative path against PREFIX.
* GEM_BUILD's default has changed from rake to gemspec.  Now, most of
  rubygem based pacakges are installed via gem command.
* USE_RAKE controls the needs of the rake command.

Best regards.

Takahiro Kambe <>/<>

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