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Re: About the package needs python to build

On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 3:02 AM, Rui-Xiang Guo <> wrote:
> Does the pkgsrc support the mechanism like this behavior?
> % ln -sf ${PYTHONBIN} ${WRKDIR}/python
> and add the WRKDIR in PATH then during the configure stage, it will do
> % cd $(WRKSRC}; python
> It will avoid the trouble if there are many 'python' hard coding in the 
> source.

I don't believe pkgsrc does this currently, but I know that packages
that use perl do this automatically.  It actually does something a
little stronger: if a package doesn't say that it needs perl, it will
create a "perl" script in the PATH that always fails so that configure
scripts that scour your system for stuff it can use won't find perl.
You'll want to add the python executable as a "tool".  See
pkgsrc/mk/tools/ for details and it should be possible to do
something similar for python.


       -- Johnny C. Lam

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