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after the entire discussion around 'make replace', pkg_rr, bulk builds,
pkg-tools and so on, where (I got the feeling) the discussion parties
didn't understood each other, let's walk forward.

There is one thing in FreeBSD ports that I like very much: the UPDATING
file. It's a chronological sorted text file what describes more complex
updates. It includes a description how to do these updates with the
different tools provided by FreeBSD ports, e.g. portupgrade and portmaster.

Maybe - when we start to maintain such a file, and the committers are
encouraged to add their entries there (e.g. for tex or gnome, or in my
committing history for p5-Module-Build), how to do it with make replace or
pkg_rr, how to do it with a bulk build scenario (examples would be great
or sponsors who are willing to answer questions to the authors), we might
get a better sight on the leaps of the utilities and infrastructure - and
maybe we're not discussion on abstract examples the next time.

Could this be a way?

Best regards,

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