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Re: pkgsrc git repo problems

On 7.7.2010, at 17:58, Gautam BT wrote:

> You could try the DragonFly BSD repo: 
> It does not have a useful history though.

Yeah, I can't really switch to a different repo because I have a building setup 
that goes back to 2009Q3 and has our own 'patching' branch on top of NetBSD's 
stable. I see DragonFly's 'vendor' branch there (linked to HEAD) works in that 
it's properly up to date, on par with CVS HEAD. This is not true with the 
NetBSD git repo, the 'master' branch there is stale for some packages, missing 
on commit (e.g. security/openssl/Makefile is 1.147 and should be 1.149).

Any chance somebody responsible for the CVS-to-git conversion could have a look 
at this?

Filip Hajny
Joyent Inc.

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