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Hackathon, July 30 -- August 2


We're running 14th Hackathon July 30 -- August 2,
come and join us on IRC channel #netbsd-code at FreeNode (
You may choose other ways to participate (e.g. mailing lists), if you find it
more convenient.

Goals for this Hackathon:

1. Improve Fortran support.

Separate dialects: introduce "fortran77" and convert all packages that use
Fortran-77 to use it (default compiler is "f2c"), use "fortran" to denote
more modern dialect (default compiler is "g95" until we have gfortran).

Update packages that depend on more modern dialect.

Allow packages to use modern Fortran (e.g. MPICH2, OpenMPI).

Add gfortran support.

2. Update TCL and Tk.

Update TCL and Tk to 8.5 or (better) 8.6.

Update depending packages respectively.

3. Improve and extend testing support

Write tests for infrastructure.


Add TEST_TARGET to packages where possible.

Fix packages to pass their tests where possible.

And as usually hunt bugs and perform other tasks we don't find time for.


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