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Re: pkglint(1) and patches to MSDOS text files

Hauke Fath schrieb:
At 7:37 Uhr +0200 1.7.2010, Roland Illig wrote:
What do you mean by "breaks the patches"? I just removed the CR
characters on the two mentioned lines, then ran "make distinfo", and
everything was fine.

Ah. How did you do that?

I replaced the CR with a LF (rather: hit 'return' in the editor), and that
broke the patch, offsetting the line numbers.

I opened the file using mcedit (from sysutils/mc), went to the two lines that have the @@ in them and deleted the last character on these lines. I left all other lines untouched, so there was no chance of messing up with the line numbers in the patch.


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