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Re: HEADS UP: png updated to 1.4.2


> I've bumped some packages additionally, found by
> % grep libpng12 /var/db/pkg/*/+BUILD_INFO


> audio/arts                                    lib/
> devel/m17n-lib                                bin/m17n-dump
> fonts/gucharmap                       lib/
> inputmethod/gtk-im-libthai    immodules
> inputmethod/uim                       immodules
> (maybe some more missing packages, I've not installed)
> Does it mean that additional cares is required for recursive revision bump
> other than notes in revbump(1)?

For m17n-lib and gucharmap, revbump(1) needs updates: Here the problem
is that finddepends only mentions m17n-lib/ and
gucharmap/, and so the packages don't end up in the list
for revbump.

uim was probably my fault, because I wasn't careful enough with the matches. For the others, I'm stumped. arts and
gtk-im-libthai aren't even in the lists for me. Do you know how libpng
is pulled in for them?


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