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Re: pkgsrcCon: what to steal from *BSD ports

On 06/10/10 11:06, Thomas Klausner wrote:

About ten days ago, pkgsrcCon was held in Basel. I'd like to thank the
organizers, in particular Vera, for a well organized conference!

One of the most interesting parts of the conference for me was the
comparison with FreeBSD ports and the OpenBSD packaging system.

Some features I found worth imitating:
. OpenBSD "pkg_add -u"
   Upgrades all installed packages based on binary packages; leaves
   libraries lying around in separate packages if they are still
   needed; automatically wanders tree in proper order; removes
   library-packages when they are not needed any longer.
   (OpenBSD, however, doesn't have up-to-date packages currently for the
   last release, only for -current.)

   NetBSD: pkgin is probably on the way to get there.

While I (personally, not in role of pkgsrc committer) do not care
about binary package updates, thanks to Joerg's DESTDIR support we're
on the best way to get proper support there.

I don't want to argue against pkg_chk, pkg_in, pkg_rr etc. - but this
are three tools for doing similar things in a different way (IIRC
'pkg_add -u' works fine on NetBSD, too, doesn't it?).
I miss one tool like portupgrade on FreeBSD - of course, improved.

. FreeBSD's pointyhat
   A web interface to a cluster of bulk build servers that build all
   packages on all supported FreeBSD platforms, see

   NetBSD: pbulk would probably be a good base, but there's much more
   to do until we get to a similar system, including getting

I don't know how this can be managed, but having such a build cluster
would be great. When I'm in a situation where I can support that with
hardware or money, I would do (e.g. buying a Sun Fire at eBay for TNF).
Note: this is not an offer to do it now, but if TNF (and maybe children
organisations) operates such a cluster and there will be a list what
is needed, I would consult that list in case I can provide something.

. FreeBSD's tinderbox
   Every ports commit triggers an automatic rebuild of the directly
   affected ports (i.e. those which the commit touched, not the ports
   depending on them) and checks if it packages. If not, the committer
   and the mailing list get an automatic mail with the error that was

   NetBSD: We currently don't really have anything like that.

Maybe the above cluster could handle this, too. I rate it as a waste
of energy/effort having two clusters for nearly the same thing. Daily
bulk builds would satisfy me (maybe we could add an interface for
developers to require a priority build when working on a difficult
port/update). I think, mail the build errors once (first occurrence)
would satisfy most.

Anyone interested in getting pkgsrc something like the above?

Yes :)


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