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Re: updating COMPAT_LINUX for linux 2.6.x support.

["Followup-To:" nach gmane.os.netbsd.devel.packages gesetzt.]
rudolf <> schrieb:
> If the Linux kernel version used in the distribution is a vital 
> criterion, then CentOS (RHEL) 5.x seems as most usable to me (for 
> including as pkgsrc package). The 5.x releases are using the 2.6.18 
> Linux kernel, which is the same version we want to target (list email id 
><>) and the support for 
> and bug-fixes should last until March 31, 2014 
> (

In any case, I'd be glad if there were at least the possibility to
semiautomatically replace freetype of whatever distribution will
be used by a version with bytecode interpreter and perhaps subpixel
rendering compiled in, which, AFAIK, isn't the case with RH, at


Dennis den Brok

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