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Porting Pkgsrc to Minix


I will be working on porting Pkgsrc to Minix as part of GSoC 2010. I have
created a wiki page [1] where I will post updates on the progress I make. I will also
mail this list of any significant progress I make. So far, bmake, libnbcompat and
pkg_install compile on Minix.

I have read the Pkgsrc guide and posts on this list describing previous porting
attempts. Is there anything else that I need to look at?

Also we plan to integrate Pkgsrc into the base Minix system. Are there other
systems that do this? BSD make is the default make on Minix. So I am
thinking that adding pkg_install and libnbcompat to the base system should be
sufficient. However doing this will mean that these packages will
not be registered as packages in the pkgsrc database. Will this cause
any problems?



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