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Anomaly in mk/compiler/ ??

While investigating a fix for a PR I am (I hope) soon to submit,
I needed to check what values are OK for GCC_REQD

That caused me to look in pkgsrc/mk/compiler/
where I see these two lines ...

# _GCC44_PATTERNS matches N s.t. 4.4 <= N.
_GCC44_PATTERNS= 4.[4-9] 4.[4-9].* 4.[1-9][0-9]* [4-9]*

I'm not sure which is incorrect (I suspect the code, rather
that the comment) but the code in that line doesn't match
the comment before it.

My guess is that the '[4-9]*' that is the final pattern should
be [5-9]* instead.

If that's not right, then the pattern should probably just be simplified
so it only contains the last of those terms (matching any of the
others would also match that one, as it stands), and the comment
corrected to indicate that any N >= 4 matches.

Does this need a PR, or can it just get fixed?


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