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Re: anyone using pkgsrc with NetBSD<1.5?

At 17:03 Uhr +0100 25.2.2010, Alistair Crooks wrote:
>i'm trying to work out whether i can delete the pkgsrc/sysutils/user
>package.  user(8) has been part of NetBSD since 1.5, and i doubt there
>are people running that vintage of the os with pkgsrc (obviously i'm
>excluding embedded uses here), but am ready to be proved wrong, and
>keep pkgsrc/sysutils/user on a lifeline.
>is there a need to keep it?

There are probably bigger obstacles than user(8) to deploying current on
old NetBSD versions... still, what about other target platforms? Does A/UX
ship with a compatible user(8)?


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