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Re: x11/qt4-libs and pkg_rolling-replace

  For I while now I've noticed that whenever I use pkg_rolling-replace,
  I have to manually reinstall a number of Qt packages.  It appears that
  "make replace" in x11/qt4-libs is (one of?) the culprit.  After the
  "make replace" step, the following files are missing from
  /usr/pkg/qt4.  The missing files belong to qt4- tools and others.

As you say, this is likely a 'make replace' rather than a
pkg_rolling-replace issue.  Things to try:

  use the -L option to pkg_rr, and save the main output, and then go
  back and look for the issues you find.

  set PKG_DEVELOPER=yes in mk.conf, and then it's more likely that
  you'll get ahard failure rather than having the installation process
  do the wrong thing.

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