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Re: Heads Up: make install

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 08:29:08PM +0000, John Klos wrote:
> >Package supports DESTDIR and it is enabled:
> >"make install" works like "make package-install", e.g. the files are
> >installed to the staging area, the binary package is built and then
> >installed using pkg_add (as root, if necessary).
> How much slower is this than the old method?

Building pkgtools/digest with make clean and removal of /var/db/pkg and
/usr/pkg in between as test case:

install with USE_DESTDIR=no:
       16.19 real        10.99 user         5.55 sys
       15.43 real        10.83 user         5.67 sys
       15.23 real        10.90 user         5.62 sys

package with USE_DESTDIR=no:
       16.72 real        11.27 user         5.84 sys
       16.61 real        11.53 user         5.65 sys
       16.57 real        11.47 user         5.70 sys

install with USE_DESTDIR=yes:
       16.35 real        11.20 user         5.42 sys
       16.60 real        11.00 user         5.60 sys
       15.90 real        11.01 user         5.58 sys

Not a very scientific test, but the overhead is normally in the noise.
For small packages, ${DESTDIR} ends up being in the cache. For large
packages, the time to tar up the package and write a streaming copy to
disk is noise compared to the build time.


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