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Re: binary pkgsrc on freebsd?

On Sat, 20 Feb 2010, Malcolm Herbert wrote:
How far does the binary compatability between *BSD derivatives extend?
I'm thinking of trialling FreeBSD on this host for the ZFS capability
however I'd like to stick to using pkgsrc for my package management.

I don't think you can run NetBSD binaries on FreeBSD easily.
There's COMPAT_FREEBSD, but I don't know in what state it is.
Try, see, and report back.

As for using pkgsrc to build your own packages: when you bootstrap, you will get a whole set of pkg_* tools from pkgsrc, and you should then use them over FreeBSD's native pkg_* tools. The ones from pkgsrc will just do what you know from NetBSD.

 - Hubert

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