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DEPENDS_TARGET mishandling in a post-DESTDIR world

I have long had the following in mk.conf:

DEPENDS_TARGET=                 package
UPDATE_TARGET=                  package

But, with DESTDIR support enabled, this doesn't do the right thing
because a package is built but not installed, and then one gets a
hard-to-follow message about stale work directories.

So, obviously we need some target that conveys both that the package
should be created and that the package should be installed.  The guide
says that package-install does this in the DESTDIR case.  Fortunately it
also does this in the non-DESTDIR case (even if that isn't documented),
so it's ok to just set that as the value.

Should a DEPENDS_TARGET value of 'package' be an error in the DESTDIR
case?  Or perhaps it should be a warning and then treated as
package-install, because in depends processing not installing a package
makes no sense.

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