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Getting rid of catpages from pkg_install


I've seen that pkg_install provides catpages and installs them
unconditionally, but that's suboptimal because the pregenerated
manpages contain, e.g., headers that are not suitable for all systems
or formatting guidelines that are inconsistent with the rest of the
system.  I want to only install the catpages if needed and skip them
for all platforms with mdoc support. (*)

Which OSes are known not to have mdoc?  Based on the list of supported
platforms, I believe it's safe to assume that Darwin, DragonFly,
FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD and OpenBSD do have mdoc while the others not,
so unless I hear otherwise that's the list I'm going to use!


* catpages also conflict with the substitution of @...@ autoconf
patterns.  I'm planning to disable fancy console formatting from the
.cat versions so that this works fine, but then I don't want platforms
with proper mdoc to end up with "ugly" pages unnecessarily.

Julio Merino

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