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Make PKG_DBDIR tunable through pkg_install.conf


I always change the default value of PKG_DBDIR in my installations,
but it's quite a pain because it's hard to set a real system-wide
value.  Pretty frequently, when su-ing to root, the environment
variable is lost... and it seems, in general, pretty fragile to define
such a constant in the environment.

The thing is, I'm surprised to see that almost everything is tunable
through pkg_install.conf but PKG_DBDIR is not.  Do you see any problem
in adding it?  That'd make everything that uses the pkgdb magically
work by setting the value in a single place, and only once.  For
example, I've just discovered that /etc/security.conf has had a
pkgdb_dir setting for quite a while, but I never set it... result: the
checks didn't run in my machine!

The attached patch kinda does this.  It's pretty late so I haven't
really looked at the tiny details, but I feel it's "good enough" to
hear comments.

So, comments? :-)


Julio Merino

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