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RE: Common list of 64bit platforms

> I would like to add a common variable to enumerate the 64bit platforms.
> There are a number of packages that are practically impossible to fix
> for 64bit platforms and it would be nice to mark them as unsupported
> without having to repeat the list over and over again.
> Can I add
>       LP64PLATFORMS=  *-*-alpha *-*-sparc64 *-*-x86_64
> to and start using it by adding e.g.
> to emulators/arcem, just to name one culprit.

FWIW, that makes sense to me.

Would it make sense to do the same for 32-bit platforms?  I don't know that 
they're ever going to go away, but I think the trend is for more migration to 
64-bit as times goes on.


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