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Re: eGPL license?

Georg Schwarz <> writes:

> I understand that nowadays there's provisions in pkgsrc for
> documenting a package's license. What should be used to denote the
> eGPL license? (

Wow, I had no idea.

As I read it, a project is licensed under the eGPL with no exceptions,
or with some set of exceptions.  I would consider each set of exceptions
to be a separate license; deciding one is ok doesn't mean another is.

So, for a hypothetical project foo with eGPL and an exception for
government use, I would suggest that we either:

  add egpl-license to pkgsrc

  add egpl-foo-license to pkgsrc saying "egpl-license, with exceptions ..."

  tag foo with egpl-foo-license

or do the same, but do it as


and point multiple projects *with the same exception list* at that file.

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