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Re: spamassassin and USE_DESTDIR=yes

2009/12/30 Klaus Heinz <>:
> David Brownlee wrote:
>> Does anyone else see an issue trying to build mail/spamassassin as a
>> non root use with USE_DESTDIR=yes set?
> I could not confirm this on NetBSD/i386 version 3 with Perl 5.8.8 nor
> NetBSD/i387 version 5.0_STABLE with Perl 5.10.1.
> Where did you build the package? Do you set MAKE_JOBS >1?
> Can you provide a log file of the whole installation (make install 2>&1|
> tee install.log) together with mk.conf?

The logs below were from a mk.conf containing only USE_DESTDIR=yes -
note that perl etc had been built with a more (overly) complicated
mk.conf, but hopefully that is not relevant.

Let me know if there is anything else I can provide.


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