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Re: Testers wanted for lang/perl5 update to version 5.10.1

On Thu December 10 2009 10:09:58 Sverre Froyen wrote:
> While the tests worked (possibly because I had perl 5.10.0 installed in
> /usr/pkg), some modules produce infinite loops.  DBD::mysql may have a
>  problem and running with -d:DProf core dumps.

I tracked down the reason for this.

I was using a DESTROY method in order to call disconnect on the DBI handle.  
The problem was that if I did not have a handle at this point, my code 
attemped a connection to the database.  This worked fine with previous versions 
of Perl.  With 5.10.1, however, DynaLoader is somehow no longer available and 
the DBD::mysql call to bootstrap (which should have called 
DynaLoader::boostrap) results in a call to DBD::mysql::AUTOLOADER.  AUTOLOADER 
then goes into an infinite recursive loop.

I can fix my problem simply by testing for a valid handle in the DESTROY 
method.  I seems, however, that the AUTOLOADER loop should be prevented, 


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