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Broken shared libraries in OS X


After the recent libtool upgrade, I cannot build shared libraries any
more in OS X 10.5 (both intel and ppc).  I've been looking at this for
a while and found that configuring libtool *without* the pkgsrc
wrappers results in:

$ ./libtool --features
host: powerpc-apple-darwin9.8.0
enable shared libraries
enable static libraries

However, if it's compiled against the wrappers (I tried both through
pkgsrc and by specifying the wrappers directory in the path):

$ ./libtool --features
host: powerpc-apple-darwin9.8.0
disable shared libraries
enable static libraries

The output of configure, compared for both runs (with and without
wrappers) doesn't show any relevant difference.

As you can imagine, this breaks many packages...

Any ideas?

Julio Merino

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