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Re: Removal of Kerberos 4

  is Kerberos 4 of anything but historical interest? The encryption is a
  bad joke by modern CPU power. I'd like to remove the following packages:

I'm trailing edge, but I am now done with k4, so I don't have a good
argument that anyone needs k4.

However, zephyr can also run without authentication, although typically
big realms don't do that.  So I don't think it should be removed.

Is the presence of the kth-krb4 package causing trouble?  I am in
general opposed to the notion of

  "I don't think anyone should be using X any more, so let's delete it."


  "It really seems that the last user has stopped, or there are now only
  2 people, or ...."

is fine.

Your statement says both, so I'm not sure what the reality is.  I would
bet that there are not a significant number of k4 users at this point.

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