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Re: pkg/42328: setting PKG_SYSCONFDIR.minicom creates directory permission problems

On Tue, 17 Nov 2009, OBATA Akio wrote:

>  On Tue, 17 Nov 2009 07:30:05 +0900, Steven Drake 
> <> wrote:
>  >  On the same subject why not  PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR.${PKG_SYSCONFVAR}?
>  >  eg. PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR.slp=slp
>  It make hard to maintain packages using PKG_SYSCONFBASEDIR for configure.
>  (need additional patches to configurable subdir name)

First PKG_SYSCONFBASEDIR is not mentioned the developer's guide and I 
completely overlooked it existence. (sort of read it as PKG_SYSCONFBASE)

From looking at a couple of packages, it is used when PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR is 
set and a reference to it parent is needed.  However if 
PKG_SYSCONFDIR.${PKG_SYSCONFVAR} is set that ability is completely gone!
Case and point PR#42327 (setting PKG_SYSCONFDIR.cups=/etc) and yes I 
submitted it.

This takes as back to your earlier point: 
>  Probably, PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR should be reset if 
>  defined.

From a users point of view I want packages to look for config file were I
want them! (eg. the same place as the os/distribution package).
For example some settings I use:
PKG_SYSCONFDIR.openssh= /etc/ssh
PKG_SYSCONFDIR.cups=    /etc/cups
PKG_SYSCONFDIR.minicom= /etc

However there are two types of PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR's, one is an optional user
preference, (eg. the minicom & ssh subdirs) and the other (a rear case) is 
when the ./configure script forces its use.

Perhaps the hole logic regarding how PKG_SYSCONFDIR and PKG_SYSCONFBASEDIR
are set to be reworked?  

IMO create a new variable (eg. REQD_PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR) and patch the few 
packages (11 of them) that need it.


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