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imake on OS X 10.6

(This is all in support of building graphics/xfig.)

OS X 10.6 no longer has imake.  Our tools framework seems to think it
does, perhaps because X11_TYPE=native is thought to imply imake
presence.  So I think we need to change mk/tools/? to have a check for
X11BASE/bin/imake before imake presence is assumed, but I'm not at all
sure of this or how to do it.

In the case where imake is not present, we then need to depend on
devel/imake (xorg I think) or devel/nbitools.  Which is the correct one?
It seems devel/imake is appropriate when used with the rest of xorg from
pkgsrc, and that probably we should choose nbitools.

Finally, others at BBN have figured out, but not with certainty, that
some patches to within imake config files are needed, perhaps
what's in patch-ad in x11/xorg-cf-files.

(Separately, we're testing the doxygen build patch and I'll commit it if
it seems ok.)

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