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Please test/review pkg_rr extensions

Hi there,

I added some new options to pkg_rr and want to please you to review
and/or test my changes before I'm going to commit them.
Because I have only (non-www) Internet access at the weekends at the
moment, I schedule the commit for coming Friday (around 8pm UTC +/-

Short motivation for the single options I added:
-F: because I'm most time of the week without internet access, I can
using -F to fetch all new sources and build during the week (offline)
-k: when I decide to rebuild my package-tree, usually 1-3 packages
fail after 1-2h pkg_rr is started, which means when I start it Friday
evening, Saturday morning isn't really sth. done. So I decided to let
it running and fix the errors next morning and build again after I
fixed them (at once).
-L: Helper option for -k - let me see what exactly failed ;-)

Best regards,

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