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Re: compiler framework, fortran, libtool, and other headaches

Aleksej Saushev wrote:
Jon Buller <> writes:

Dan McMahill wrote:
I recently added lang/gcc44 to pkgsrc with C, C++, OBJC, and
FORTRAN support.  Then I updated mk/compiler/
accordingly.  I used the entries for lang/gcc34 as an example
in for what to do about gcc44.

However, the more I have looked at this, the more problems I
see.  I'm wondering if I have just confused myself or if we
have a more fundamental problem we need to address.


Comments?  Suggestions?
I had problems getting SBCL to build, and I see other packages like GHC
and SML (although I haven't looked at those in quite some time) have
similar bootstrapping problems.  I think my solution for SBCL might be
good to generalize, but I'm not sure of all the issues that might come
up, or the ones that would suddenly appear.

Sorry, your solution is bad to generalize. The way you did restricts
pkgsrc usability on other platforms and even on NetBSD itself, since you
provided only i386 bootstrap package, while I successfully build and use
pkgsrc-built SBCL on FreeBSD as well.

Yes, that can be a difficulty.  However, all you need to do is drop an
appropriate file in distfiles/, bonus points if you send (or post) a
message saying "here's a package to make it work on $MACHINE_ARCH &
$OS_VERSION.  Actually, that's not quite enough.  You need to find a
developer who can do that, as I don't feel comfortable taking some random
binary from some random internet user and putting it on a NetBSD server.

So I ended up making a directory on ftp.nb.o for prebuilt SBCL packages.
there is a directory tree for $MACHINE_ARCH and $OS_VERSION.  SBCL
then grabs one of those packages and untars it in $WRKDIR to get the
tools to build the package.

It doesn't work that way after I updated the package. Your activity
periods are too rare, could you follow SBCL development more frequently?
Maybe quarterly for start?

It's a volunteer thing.  It works for me when I need it, I do not chase
away anyone who can make changes to it and wants to.  I'm sorry I do not
have a copy of every system you would like to run SBCL on, or the time
to maintain and support them to your level of satisfaction.

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