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Suppressing version warning for binary package installs?

DragonFly recently released version 2.4, but binary packages built for the
development releases of 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 still work for it.  However,
people adding these packages (especially with DragonFly's pkg_radd, which
is a wrapper around pkg_add) will get a warning about it being built for a
different version of the operating system.

The warning generates more confusion than anything, in this case, since
pkg_radd is designed to pick out the correct release's packages.

Is there a way to suppress the version warning when installing packages
via pkg_add?  Alternately, is there a way to change the record for what
operating system it was built for?  If there was a way to automate a
change like that, I could run it over our package collection after each
bulk build.

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