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Re: compiler framework, fortran, libtool, and other headaches

> It makes
> me wonder if we need to have a per-compiler libtool or if we need to somehow
> build a new libtool each time a libtool-using package is built.

Is there a hidden assumption/wish to have different compilers
installed in parallel, e.g. gcc3 and gcc4, and choose between them for
compiling packages?

As you mentioned Solaris: I use SunPro to bootstrap pkgsrc, build
lang/gcc34 and make this the default compiler, rebuild
devel/libtool-base and then I have a clean, self-contained
distribution. I am currently finding out if this method still works
with gcc44. Having Perl as a new dependency won't make things any
easier, though...

Joern Clausen

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