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Re: design of SUBST_STAGE=post-install behavior?

Joerg Sonnenberger writes:
 > Using substs in the post-install phase sounds wrong. What is using that?

I am not aware of any current pkgsrc packages that do.  But I haven't
looked either.  Here is the situation I have encountered in creating a
package, though.  It might be that other packages will have similar

The distribution is in the form of a tar file that contains an INSTALL
script and other tar files.  The intent of the upstream design is that
installation is done by running the INSTALL script, which untars the
appropriate files from within $WRKSRC and then installs them in an
appropriate place.  In this case, the files being installed include
some bash scripts that need substitutions in the first line, which is
of course '#! /bin/bash'.  These substitutions cannot take place prior
to installation, because until INSTALL is run the files are buried
within the tar files within $WRKSRC.

As much as this design is problematic, I do not wish to stray too far
from it, because updates will be that much more difficult.  As a
result, it seems like post-install substitutions within $PREFIX are

 > Try make reinstall.

Does this do something other than 'make deinstall; make install'?


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