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spurious db4 dependencies

Hi -
I think I've found out what causes these strange db4
references in shared libs and libtool .la files:
It is the use of BUILDLINK_LIBS etc in db4's bl3 file.
This makes that "-db4" appears in the "LIBS" environment
variable which usually (with autoconf) makes that
everything and its dog gets linked against db4, whether
needed or not. This propagates along the dependency
chain and ends up with people adding db4/bl3 includes
to pkgs which don't use it at all.
I've commented out the offending lines - see below -,
and it makes the problem go away.
This can cause build problems of course (haven't seen
any so far), but I think this should be dealt with
in the affected pkgs.

best regards

Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH
52425 Juelich
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Juelich
Eingetragen im Handelsregister des Amtsgerichts Dueren Nr. HR B 3498
Vorsitzende des Aufsichtsrats: MinDir'in Baerbel Brumme-Bothe
Geschaeftsfuehrung: Prof. Dr. Achim Bachem (Vorsitzender),
Dr. Ulrich Krafft (stellv. Vorsitzender), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Bolt,
Prof. Dr. Sebastian M. Schmidt
RCS file: /cvsroot/pkgsrc/databases/db4/,v
retrieving revision 1.35
diff -u -r1.35
---       20 Mar 2009 19:24:04 -0000      1.35
+++       14 Aug 2009 14:32:26 -0000
@@ -8,13 +8,13 @@
 BUILDLINK_PKGSRCDIR.db4?=      ../../databases/db4
-BUILDLINK_INCDIRS.db4?=                include/db4
-BUILDLINK_LDADD.db4=           -ldb4
+#BUILDLINK_INCDIRS.db4?=               include/db4
+#BUILDLINK_LDADD.db4=          -ldb4
 BUILDLINK_TRANSFORM+=          l:db-4:db4
 .  include "../../mk/"
 .  if defined(USE_DB185) && !empty(USE_DB185:M[yY][eE][sS])
-BUILDLINK_LIBS.db4=            ${BUILDLINK_LDADD.db4}
+#BUILDLINK_LIBS.db4=           ${BUILDLINK_LDADD.db4}
 BUILDLINK_TRANSFORM+=          l:db:db4
 .  endif

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