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Re: DEpending on a Perl Module included in lang/perl5

> Importing various Perl modules into pkgsrc I often face the
> situaton where a module the module-to-be-imported depends on is
> bot provided by the current lang/perl5 and a seperate */p5-*
> package.  What's the preferred way of handling this? Should I
> depend on the seperate package for the sake of older
> lang/perl5's or not, implying less dependencies?

One option would be to say that "supporting perl older than 5.8
is not required".

However, if we're talking about things integrated into perl after perl
version 5.8, you can use a construct such as this:

DEPENDS+=        {perl>=5.10,p5-PathTools>=0}:../../devel/p5-PathTools

which means "either perl newer than 5.10 or p5-PathTools present".
Pkgsrc has many such examples, just grep for "perl>=5.10" in

The utility "corelist" from either perl 5.10 or from the p5-version
package can be useful to determine at which point a given perl module
was integrated into perl itself.


- Håvard

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