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Re: make fetch-list

Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> Hi all,

Hi Joerg,

> This brings me to the more interesting question of how "make fetch-list"
> should behave. I think the current logic is too complicated for the
> purpose of "running on a second machine without pkgsrc" and if you
> already have pkgsrc, you can use depends-fetch/depends-checksum anyway.
> So if you are using this target in that way or have a third (or fourth)
> way, I'd like to know how.

This requires both machines having the same options set for the package to
download and it's dependencies. And in not all cases it's trivial to get a
list of files to transport from the download slave to the build host.

Removing the support for make fetch-list will handicap me in office for
above reasons.

> Joerg

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