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Re: "GNU Library General Public License, version 2.0" in "pkgsrc"

Matthias Scheler <> writes:

> what is the correct "pkgsrc" classification for the "GNU Library General
> Public License, version 2.0"? According to this web page it has been
> superseeded by the LGPL 2.0:
> Is "gnu-lgpl-v2" the correct license type for this in "pkgsrc"?

"superceded" is not the same as "is textually and therefore legally the
same".  So I would recommend that you run wdiff.  If they just changed
the name of the license, then yes it's the same.  If there are changes
in terms, then we should add it separately.  (I'm assuming you have an
actual package that references the Library GPL 2.0, and that you've
already checked with upstream that this isn't just confusion and they
don't mean regular LGPL.)

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