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Re: pkg/41504: x11/xscreensaver fails with "Undefined PLT symbol"

(the PR is resolved, but there's a broader issue...)

On Thu, Jul 02, 2009 at 09:30:05AM +0000, Hauke Fath wrote:
 >>  Do the pkgsrc libXrender and libXrandr predate when you installed
 >>  NetBSD 5? If so (in which case they're probably x11/xrender and
 >>  x11/xrandr rather than x11/libXrender and x11/libXrandr), nuke them
 >>  and recompile everything that depends on them, and they shouldn't come
 >>  back and the problems should go away.
 >  What I did was upgrade a netbsd-4 installation with a -current pkgsrc 
 >  set by installing NetBSD 5, then 'pkg_admin set rebuild=YES \*' and 
 >  'pkg_rolling-replace -su'.
 >  I just issued a
 >  [hf@Gstoder] ~ > pkg_info | grep -E 'X(render|randr)'
 >  Xrender-0.9.0nb2    Client library for the X Rendering Extension protocol
 >  Xrandr-1.0.2nb3     X RandR extension (Library)
 >  [hf@Gstoder] ~ > su
 >  Password:
 >  [hf@Gstoder] /home/hf # pkg_delete Xrender
 >  [hf@Gstoder] /home/hf # pkg_delete Xrandr
 >  [hf@Gstoder] /home/hf #
 >  which lead to
 >  [...stuff now works]

So, since these could be deleted with -f nothing was depending on them
any more, which means at least that the build infrastructure did the
right thing. And probably through the magic of bl3 the xscreensaver is
correctly compiled against only -5's libs, so the only thing wrong was
that the old libs were confusing the dynamic linker.

However: should it be steam_roller's responsibility to remove packages
that are marked for rebuild and are found to no longer be appropriate
for the current platform? If not, what should be done so this
situation gets handled automatically next time?

David A. Holland

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