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Re: A sad case

Dieter Baron <> writes:

> : Or I suppose you could point them at the documentation, which
> : is...  where, exactly?
>   It would probably be good if the pkg_add(1) manpage and the pkgsrc
> guide mentioned that license names are case-sensitive.

That's certainly reasonable, but I think the word ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES is
already case sensitive, along with everything else, and this is not
routinely pointed out.

#> make Package
make: don't know how to make Package. Stop

While I understand the notion of being friendly to people who are on the
edge of knowing enough to cope, it would never have occured to me that
licenses would be interpreted in a case-insensitive manner.  But then I
realize I'm dealing with a programming language system and some users
might not.

Perhaps a resolution is to have an error target when the license check
fails that does case-insensitive compares and issues a helpful message.

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