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Re: Failing x11/xf86-video-* driver compiles

Adam Hoka wrote:
> Hasso Tepper <> wrote:
> > > xf86-video-cyrix
> > > xf86-video-imstt
> > > xf86-video-vga
> > > xf86-video-via
> >
> > No update available for these. Are these relevant at all today?
> Why wouldnt they?
> > > xf86-video-nsc

As far as I can see ... 

xf86-video-vesa should be used instead of xf86-video-vga normally. As 
fixes for xf86-video-vga were available, I fixed it though.

xf86-video-geode should replace xf86-video-cyrix and xf86-video-nsc (both 
are GX1 variants AFAIK) at least some point. I'm not sure about current 
state of it though.

xf86-video-openchrome should replace xf86-video-via. I'm almost sure that 
this works already.

I don't know anything about xf86-video-imstt ...

And as I already said, all these are removed from most of systems already 
as deprecated drivers.

Hasso Tepper

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