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Re: Making syspkgs and makefs play nice together

In article 
<> Lloyd 
: Hi all,
: I want to be able to build filesystems from syspkgs/pkgsrc format  
: packages and there are a few things that need to be ironed out before  
: this can happen.

: I want to add an unprivileged mode to pkg_add that will probably be  
: enabled automatically if you aren't running it as root. In this mode  
: it will not try and set any file permissions.


: I can then write an AWK program to convert a package's PLIST into an  
: mtree specification for makefs.

: Comments anyone?

  I would suggest that the unprivileged mode of pkg_add (optionally)
writes out the mtree specification itself.  pkg_add knows the
ownership and permission the installed files should have, and can
record that in a file instead of setting them directly in the file
system (like install(1) does when it's invoked by

  Alternatively, we could change the PLIST format to be an mtree


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