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Re: Default compresssion format in pkgsrc & extensions

David Brownlee wrote:

    First, can we pick a standardised extension for binary packages
    which does not change whether the file is gzipped or bzipped?
    Something like .tpz? Exposing the compression format in the file
    extension is just confusing for no real benefit. It makes mixing
    packages with different formats problematic, and as a user of
    bzipped packages I've been bitten a few times when pkg_add has
    tried to look for a .tgz package as a remote dependency (though
    that may have been fixed now)

Might I suggest something even more generic, like .pkg?  Someday it
might be desirable to use some other archive format than tar.  I doubt
it will be a zip file, but if you don't want the format encoded in the
filename, it seems like a good idea to get rid of _all_ the format
hinting in the name, and .t?z still has some format hinting in it.

Well, that's enough bike-shedding from me for now...

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