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net/tnftp fails to build under Linux

After bootstrapping recent pkgsrc on Linux I've found that net/tnftp
(needed for installing others packages) fails to build.

 1.5 years ago Jeremy Reed reported similar failure

 The same error were also reported in PR/38068 that was closed without
 fix due to bad submitter's email.

Building ends like this.

   gcc -Wno-error -L../libedit -Wl,-R/home/cheusov/pkg/lib -L../libnetbsd -o 
ftp cmds.o cmdtab.o complete.o domacro.o fetch.o ftp.o main.o progressbar.o 
ruserpass.o util.o -ledit -ledit -lcurses  -lnetbsd
   ../libedit/libedit.a(history.o): In function `history_load':
   history.c:(.text+0xd07): undefined reference to `strunvis'
   ../libedit/libedit.a(history.o): In function `history_save':
   history.c:(.text+0xecf): undefined reference to `strvis'
   collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
   *** Error code 1

This is because 'strvis' and 'strunvis' function are detected at
configure time

   checking for strunvis... yes
   checking for strvis... yes

but not at build time.

This happens perhaps because at configure time likage is made against
system-wide libedit library that provides both these functions.

   configure:8695: checking for strunvis
   configure:8751: gcc -o conftest -Wno-error  -Wl,-R/home/cheusov/pkg/lib 
conftest.c -ledit -lcurses  >&5
   configure:8757: $? = 0
   configure:8775: result: yes
   configure:8695: checking for strvis
   configure:8751: gcc -o conftest -Wno-error  -Wl,-R/home/cheusov/pkg/lib 
conftest.c -ledit -lcurses  >&5
   configure:8757: $? = 0

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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