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pkg_add failing where prefix is a mount

Hi all,

I found a limitation in the mkdir_p implementation in add/perform.c of pkg_install (as of 2009Q1). This is on a slightly peculiar Solaris zone setup, where /usr is pushed read-only to sparse zones, and pkgsrc land is a ZFS file system mounted read-write at the /usr/local prefix. So while the zone can write to anything under /usr/local, it can't write /usr/local itself:

# mkdir /usr/local
mkdir: Failed to make directory "/usr/local"; Read-only file system
# mkdir /usr/local/test

pkg_add fails on any operation on the "if (mkdir_p(pkg- >install_prefix))" check. I'm sorry, I'm far from fluent in C, so not providing a patch here, but it would be nice to work around this case too (regardless of how rare it will be to encounter in the real world).


Filip Hajny
Director, Accelerator Engineering
Joyent Inc.

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